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To prevent pathology from developing, observe the following rules. If the pathology has already developed, it is worth following the recommendations of your gastroenterologist, paying attention to the psycho-emotional background. Biliary dyskinesia does not reduce life expectancy, but affects its quality. Biliary dyskinesia in young children develops due to their abnormal structure. Most often, this is an inflection of the gallbladder or the presence of partitions in it, less often - doubling or an abnormal location of the bile ducts. In older children, the cause is emotional stress. These are the quarrels of the parents, and the relocation of the family, and the team in the kindergarten and school, and a large study load. Other causes of dyskinesia are.

Diskinesis in children is a more dangerous disease. without proper emulsification of fats, there will be no absorption of a sufficient amount of fatty acids and other substances necessary for the body, as well as fat-soluble vitamins - A, D, E and K, each of which is important for a growing body. The fact that the pathology has developed is indicated by such symptoms. Diagnosis of pathology is carried out according to ultrasound with a choleretic breakfast. X-ray contrast, and even more so, radioisotope techniques in children are carried out according to strict indications, and with the advent of magnetic resonance cholangiography, they are almost never performed.

In addition, the cause of dyskinesia is treated. antihelminthic therapy, allergy treatment, elimination of hypovitaminosis, correction of dysbacteriosis. Hypotonic-hypokinetic form. In this case, choleretic drugs are needed, which. In addition to choleretic drugs, tonic drugs are also needed. ginseng tincture, eleutherococcus extract, lemongrass tincture. Hypertonic-hyperkinetic form. In the treatment of biliary dyskinesia are used.

Complications of biliary dyskinesia. This functional violation can lead to the following consequences. Disease prevention and prognosis. For therapy in children, preference is given to herbal preparations. They are selected depending on the type of pathology. So, with hypomotor dyskinesia are prescribed. With hypermotor dyskinesia, treatment is carried out.

After stopping the attack, rehabilitation is carried out in a sanatorium, where mineral waters and other physiotherapy are prescribed. The diet described above fully applies to children. A strict diet is prescribed for a year, then - in the absence of attacks of biliary colic - you can gradually expand the diet. Children with dyskinesia are registered with a pediatric gastroenerologist, neurologist and pediatrician. They are scheduled twice a year for a scheduled ultrasound. Also, once every 6 months, courses of choleretic therapy are carried out. Once or twice a year, the child is given referrals for sanatorium treatment.

Biliary dyskinesia, symptoms and treatment regimen in adults. Biliary dyskinesia is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, which is characterized by a violation of the motility of the gallbladder and the functions of its sphincters, in particular, the sphincter of Oddi. As a result of these disorders, problems are found with the delivery of bile to the duodenum. its amount may be too little, not enough to digest food, or more than necessary, which negatively affects the entire gastrointestinal tract. According to statistics, women suffer most from biliary dyskinesia. Some statistics indicate that women are 10 times more susceptible to this disease than men. Moreover, you can get sick with dyskinesia at any age. There are also statistics, JVP in young people is characterized by excessive secretion of bile, and at a more mature age there is a lack of bile for digestion. The treatment of this disease has positive prognosis if the patient consults a doctor at the first symptoms.

Biliary dyskinesia - functional disorders of the tone and motility of the gallbladder, bile ducts and their sphincters, manifested by a violation of the outflow of bile into the duodenum, accompanied by the appearance of pain in the right hypochondrium. At the same time, there are no organic changes in these organs.

Hypomotor contraction is slow, the activity of this function of the gallbladder is significantly reduced. According to statistics, hypomotor biliary dyskinesia is often diagnosed in patients older than 40 years and in patients with persistent neuroses/psychoses. Hypermotor in this case, the contraction of the organ is very frequent and fast. A similar form of the disease in question is inherent in young people. Depending on the cause of the development of the pathology in question, doctors can divide it into two types.

It is on how the contraction of the gallbladder occurs that the definition of the form of dyskinesia also depends. Speaking about the causes of dyskinesia, it must be remembered that the disease is primary and secondary. Depending on this, the reasons that provoked dyskinesia will also change. The primary form of dyskinesia can be caused by the following reasons.

The causes of secondary dyskinesia may include the following. There are recorded cases of diagnosing biliary dyskinesia against the background of a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight (obesity stage 2-3), excessive physical exertion (especially if weights are constantly rising) and after psycho-emotional breakdowns. Symptoms of biliary dyskinesia.

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The clinical picture of the described pathology is quite pronounced, so the diagnosis is not difficult for specialists. The main symptoms of biliary dyskinesia in adults are. Dyspeptic syndrome is characterized by nausea, bitterness and dryness in the mouth, belching with a bitter taste, bloating, unstable stools with a predominance of constipation or diarrhea, fatty stools. Such symptoms are caused by violations of the digestive processes associated with insufficient or excessive flow of bile into the intestinal lumen. Pain syndrome.

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The occurrence of pain is due to errors in the diet or stressful situations. In the hyperkinetic form of dysfunction, the patient is disturbed by spastic pains in the right half of the abdomen under the ribs, radiating to the left half of the chest, into the shoulder blades or taking on a girdle character. With the hypokinetic form of pain, they are bursting, pulling, with or without irradiation, intensifying or disappearing with a change in body position. Pain may be on its own.It is important to disappear and reappear at different intervals - from several attacks per day to rare episodes throughout the month. Astheno-vegetative syndrome is characterized by weakness, increased fatigue, a feeling of constant weakness, drowsiness or insomnia, an increased level of anxiety and other signs.

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